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We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
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We developed a team of analysts and other experts for our diversified portfolio of digital assets.

We develop proprietary technologies and invest in world-class teams who move fast and think big. We focus on infrastructure and platform projects designed to be the the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies worldwide.

We serve blockchain entrepreneurs, businesses and governments who are committed to building the future of blockchain technologies. We accelerate growth with funding, insights into innovation, strategic and regulatory advice, business development and curated introductions.

Crypto Analysis And Trending

All cryptocurrency, old or new, veteran or newborn, are always at a high level of uncertainty. Hidden information is everywhere buried below a thick layer of apparently ordinary public and private data. Monezy® helps your team to define a strategy, ask the right questions and find the right sources of data that best respo nd to your specific needs. Request a trial account now.

Crypto Trending

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Our Expert Advisors

Eran Eyal

Strategic Expert

CEO // CoFounder at Shopin. Blockchain HODLR and evangelist Entrepreneur. 4 times…

Brock Pierce

Investment Expert

Co-founder of, Blockchain Capital and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock…

Manage your own investments on your own time. Monezy clients can invest on multiple exchange platforms, user-friendly stock trading tools designed to provide everything you need for online trading.

Enjoy fast, intuitive navigation as you monitor your account at a glance, from balances and pending orders to watch lists and alerts. Dive deep into investment research, market news, analyst reports and commentary

Take advantage of indicators and charts to spot trends and put numbers in context. Monezy clients can save time with quick-trade tools at no additional cost. Need to trade on-the-go? Our mobile trading site is also free to all clients.

Easily research and review information and cryptocurrency quotes using convenient online trading tools, crypto performance charts and tables, many of which present real-time market information, that can potentially improve your ability to find trading opportunities that match your investing strategy.

Monezy’s Altfolio Review Tool is a professional-style tool that can assist you in selecting the right investment mix for your altfolio. Pre-defined asset allocation models let you compare current and targeted investments, view investment allocation across crypto market segments and identify opportunities.

Monezy’s World Crypto Markets, Market Pulse and top performers data can help you get a broad view of the trading market, providing potentially valuable insights, which you may find useful for assessing trends or taking a big-picture approach to your investment opportunities

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